First Lady Diedre Wilson is caring, competent and a consummate professional that strives for excellence in everything she does.  Her work ethic and intelligence are reflected in almost 3 decades of advancement working for a Fortune 9 Company and 33 years of marriage and ministry.

Diedre has co-founded 2 churches, 3 ministry corporations and has worked with her husband from Germany to Arizona, Ohio and throughout the U.S. and Canada planning and producing training conferences, revivals, consulting, copy editing and designing training materials.  She has helped to pioneer ministry, establish and maintain administrative systems and deliver world class bible fundamentals teachings to youth and adults.

She has had a love for books since her youth working in the library and excelling academically throughout her school years, which helped her become a class officer, commencement speaker and a High School exchange to student to Israel and graduate college with honors.  She is well loved for her authenticity, integrity and attention to details.